A patented designed handle shaped to make it easy and comfortable to carry your cross-country skis and poles together. Made in Sweden with focus on agility, quality and low weight.

Fastgrip is very easy to use. You just attach Fastgrip to the ski bindings and then place the poles into the holders, and you´re done!

Quickly – Simply – Safely.


Made in Sweden

Fastgrip is manufactured in Sweden focusing on the highest possible quality and Comfort.

Fits all modern bindings

Fastgrip fits all modern bindings and comes in two sizes.

Fastgrip Wall Rack

Quick & Simple and in order.

Fastgrip Wall Rack is a wall rack for those who want it quick & simple, keeping everything in order.

Both sizes of Fastgrip will fit on Wall Rack

Both Fastgrip green and Fastgrip orange will fit with ease.


- Ski wax on the clothes again!

How difficult can it be to carry cross-country skis and poles? It's not Space Physics we're talking about, yet the ski poles point one way and the skis to another.




It was a beautiful sight, I´m sweaty with my ski hat tilted, black in my eyes, skis and poles all over the place and exhausted after a cross-country skiing from hell.

It was simply a regular Saturday in my life as cross-country skier.

I mumble as I walked the three hundred meters home, and I thought intensively. After a half an hour when I had calmed down, I began to study the construction of the skis. I noticed that the bindings were placed in the center of the skis.

  • – Imagine if you could attach something to the bindings. Then you should have a perfect balance when carrying them.

It was the start of a four-year long development, where nine different prototypes have developed with about fifty different small changes and endlessly many hours of frustration.

It’s lucky you have an understanding and patient partner, when the frustration has been at the worst, she has pushed me in the right direction.

But now it’s finally here, almost have to pinch my arm.

Fastgrip – A faster, easier and safer way to carry your cross-country skis and poles – an all-in-one handle for cross-country skis.

The journey I have done with Fastgrip, I did together with my dear father-in-law Sixten, a man of the older kind, you know, one who can do anything.

With his background as a foreman, he can build anything, in any material and on top of it, the man is sickly careful. When I think about it, I’m almost jealous, how is it possible to be able to do that?

You lose a bit of confidence, but it’s good luck that he is the world’s friendliest and he has a huge patience with me.

I came to him with my first idea and Sixten just nodded and two days later he had built our first prototype in steel and plastic in his garage! The prototype was so awesome that it has been in Sochi, during the Olympics, to be hard tested by one of our former Olympics-heroes in cross-country skiing -Niklas Jonsson.

There is a lot of things that you could tell about during this four-year roller coaster, because much has gone wrong, but much has been instructive and absolutely amazing. Just to get a patent certificate after three years, six months and fifteen days is an euphoric feeling.

What’s most amazing is that in early development we decided that Fastgrip should be a sturdy product, something we can be proud of.

And honestly, we are!

I hope that Fastgrip takes away a lot of frustrations and gives you a lot of joy when you are going to enjoy your cross-country skiing.

Krister Ruth

Inventor Fastgrip and now a happy cross-country skier


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